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The site of today's Millrace Pension was part of the interior town fortifications beginning in the 13th century. This defensive rampart ran along the Millrace and was preserved in its medieval form almost up to the 19th century.
It's not surprising that we don’t find mention of the first owner of House No. 7 until the parcels below the town fortifications were divided in 1875. At that time, a local mason and foreman bricklayer Antonín Kapoun built a two-storied brick house on the site of the former town walls with his own hands. Additional houses were gradually added to the row, giving Millrace Street the appearance we know today.
At the beginning of the 20th century Jan and Barbora Kopřiva purchased the house and parcel and established a laundry facility with the official name of “The First Prague Laundry of České Budejovice.” Interestingly, their equipment was tailor-made in Vienna.
This machinery served all the way up to 1950, when Ludmila, the wife of Jan Kopřiva’s grandson, inherited the building. She, however, was only permitted to operate a business for stretching curtains and comforters. In 1960 the entire house was nationalized and transferred to the ownership of the People’s Cooperative of Invalids. The property was returned to the descendants of Ludmila Kopřivová after November 1989.
In 1993 this interesting house was refurbished into a pension and already for 14 years it has been serving to its guests - visitors of beautiful capital of the Czech South.